I design and code modern user interfaces.

I'm Dave, a designer who combines product and marketing design to create cohesive, delightful user experiences for technology companies.

Work history

Lead designer
2016 - Present
UX Design mentor
2014 - 2017
Head of product
2014 - 2016


Constantly calm under pressure and a team leader to the end. Design, CSS, interviewing engineers, project managing you name it and he excelled at all of it. You can't get better than that. Dave's positive attitude, design skills, interpersonal and management skills worked in perfect harmony to create someone the entire team depended on.

Luke Arrigoni

Placeavote Founder

Dave was one of the best designers I've personally worked with. Full of ideas, great sense of taste and always managed to provide me with beautiful and functional design work. So easy to work him. His motto had always been 'What can I do for you'. Amazing person, great coworker, made the work fun.

Ioannis Kokkinidis

Senior Software Engineer, Squarespace

I had the pleasure of having Dave as my mentor through Springboard UX Design course. I thoroughly enjoyed working with David and could see him being successful working with any organization as a UX Designer and leading a team on completing a project big or small.

Brendan Martin

Founder of joe.coffee